Solving Mysteries Behind Conflicting Birthdates — An Interview with Lindsey Harner

In this episode, Lindsey Harner walks through 5 questions that can help you solve the puzzle of an ancestor’s conflicting birthdate across many different records. Plus: learn about some tools you can use to share your family videos and photos online and how to navigate the Periodical Source Index (PERSI). This episode is brought to you by Remembering a Life. We can honor the people we love dearly long after they have passed by sharing and preserving their memories—through moving art, through heartfelt memorial services, through the sharing of their favorite songs or flowers or holiday meals. What’s most important is that you cherish these memories in ways that feel right to you. If you aren’t sure where to begin, visit for guidance and inspiration. Ep. 163: July 2022 Back to the episode list In this episode: Tree Talk (01:49) Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Fountain shares the latest genealogy buzz, specifically the return of the U.S. version of the documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? and the release of Ancestry’s “docu-style” film entitled “A Dream Delivered: The Lost Letters of Hawkins Wilson.” Resources Mentioned in This Interview: * Youtube – A Dream Delivered: The Letters of Hawkins Wilson * – A Dream Deliver: The Letters of Hawkins Wilson Follow Family Tree Magazine on Social Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Sign up for Our Free Genealogy Newsletter:  The Genealogy Insider email newsletter includes a digest of articles, including one or two free articles in each newsletter. Daily and weekly options.  Family Tree Newsletters Feature: Resolving Conflicting Birthdates (06:11) Have you ever been frustrated by an ancestor’s conflicting birthdates? In her new article professional genealogist, Lindsey Harner shares 5 questions you should ask yourself when comparing bir...

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