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Award-winning adaptive multi-paddock grazing

av Farm Gate | Publicerades 7/8/2021

FAI Farms and McDonald's UK & Ireland have won Compassion in World Farming's prestigious Sustainable Food and Farming Award for their work on regenerative beef.  This is a four year project, centred on Adaptive Multi-paddock Grazing.  The results have been outstanding - so what are they - how have they been achieved - and what has FAI learned along the way? ffinlo Costain talks to FAI's Director of Regenerative Agriculture, Clare Hill, and their assistant farm manager, Silas Hedley-Lawrence. We also introduce new regen ag training, available online at FAI.Academy - and give you a Farm Gate discount code. https://twitter.com/FAIfarms https://twitter.com/McDonaldsUK https://twitter.com/ciwf https://twitter.com/ffinlocostain https://twitter.com/luscious_lamb https://www.instagram.com/fai_regen/ https://fai.academy/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/farmgate/message

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