06/09/22 Levelling Up Fund, Farm costs, 'Light' Pesticide

As Liz Truss is announced as the new UK Prime Minister, she will take on one of the most severe economic challenges in decades. As the cost of farming rises rapidly, and farmers face up to how much they can afford to spend on growing crops and feeding animals we hear from one East Anglia firm which works to try to secure customers the best prices for energy, telecoms, fuel and fertiliser. The Government has announced a new £110m fund dedicated to 'levelling up' rural England. The money is aimed at a variety of projects, such as helping farm diversification projects, improving digital infrastructure and creating new footpaths and cycle routes. We find out how it will work and if it's enough. And all this week we are talking bugs - as pollinators, pests and potential protein sources. Today we hear how scientists are using light technology as a way to fight crop infestations. Presented by Anna Hill Produced in Bristol by Natalie Donovan

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