07/09/22 Decreasing Food Production, Farm Payments, Edible Insects

As production costs rise, a farmer tells us why he is taking half his land out of food production. Rutland farmer Andrew Brown says he can make more money from his land through a Government Countryside Stewardship Scheme, but says the current policy for paying farmers to stop growing food is misguided at a time when wheat stocks are so low. Meanwhile, MPs on the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee met yesterday for a progress update on the new system for paying farmers in England which is known as ELMs - the Environmental Land Management Scheme. We hear from George Dunn, the CEO of the Tenants Farmers Association about how well the transition is going for farmers. And our week on insects continues with a visit to one of the UK's first edible insect cafes in Pembrokeshire. Presented by Anna Hill Produced in Bristol by Natalie Donovan

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