Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr.


av Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. | Publicerades 11/12/2019

If there was mistrust towards those investigating the crash, it would explode when Diana’s butler and lawyer came forward with documents detailing her real fears of a plot to take her life. From the Paget Report to the final Coroner’s Inquest at the High Court, McLaren takes a look at government gaffs and opportunities missed that still plague the investigation to this day. To read more about Diana: Case Solved, purchase the companion book by Colin McLaren and investigative journalist Dylan Howard at all good book stores or online here: https://amzn.to/2HpAtNc Upstart: Visit Upstart.com/DIANA to find out how low your Upstart rate is. Policygenius: Compare and shop insurance policies at Policygenius.com. Quip: Get your first refill free at GetQuip.com/PRINCESSDI. Best Fiends: Download for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play. BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month at BetterHelp.com/Diana. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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One fateful night John F. Kennedy Jr. boarded a private plane with his wife and sister-in-law, flying to his cousin's wedding. Only, they never made it. Was the plane crash that led to JFK Jr.'s funeral a mere accident? Or something far more sinister, swept under the rug by Camelot—like so many of their other tragedies? This next installment in the Fatal Voyage series explores the privileged life and sudden death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Discover the dark side of the Kennedys, from scandals and coverups, to JFK Jr.'s rocky marriage with Carolyn Bessette–even an elaborate kidnapping plot that forced him into hiding. Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. is the only podcast telling the full story. Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. is the long-anticipated third season following Diana: Case Solved and Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood. To see how we use your data, visit https://www.endeavoraudio.com/privacy-policy.