Feeding Freedom Podcast

Ep. 2 | Part 1. Weight Gain is Cool and What Is Extreme Hunger?

av Feeding Freedom Podcast | Publicerades 11/21/2019

Episode 2 is all about the dreaded weight gain that most of us will, or have, experienced in eating disorder recovery. One of the most crucial steps in healing your relationship with food is accepting your body exactly as it is and that our bodies are not meant to be static, but instead are ever-changing just as YOU are constantly molding and adapting. Tune in to find out how I dealt with gaining weight during my recovery from anorexia nervosa, my experience with extreme hunger following restriction, and how I learned to cope with my irrational fears and limiting beliefs. My hope is for you to gain something from this podcast that you can add to your recovery toolbox and ultimately serve your journey to food freedom. As always, thank you for listening and always remember to stay in and keep fighting the good fight! You can follow my Instagram page @Feeding.Freedom for more recovery inspiration!

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A podcast dedicated to inspiring those who are in recovery from an eating disorder, specifically restrictive eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia. Shanelle shares her experiences and knowledge to hopefully shed light on the dangers of dieting and how practicing intuitive eating can heal your relationship with food and make peace with your body.