Feeding Freedom Podcast

Ep. 6 | Your Eating Disorder May Be Affecting Your Relationship with Ben Herrick

av Feeding Freedom Podcast | Publicerades 12/24/2019

Welcome to episode 6 and the last podcast of the year! Today I brought back my husband, Ben, to join me in casual conversation about how my eating disorder affected our relationship throughout the years. He gives great insight regarding how to approach certain relationship situations while in eating disorder recovery and we discusses the importance of taking some time away from your partner to focus on healing. Grab your partner, a cup of tea or just relax and have a conversation with us about this important topic! As always, stay in and keep fighting the good fight! Ben's info: Instagram: @benjamin_herrick Shanelle's info: Instagram: @feeding.freedom Feeding Freedom Shop Instagram: @feedingfreedomshop

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A podcast dedicated to inspiring those who are in recovery from an eating disorder, specifically restrictive eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia. Shanelle shares her experiences and knowledge to hopefully shed light on the dangers of dieting and how practicing intuitive eating can heal your relationship with food and make peace with your body.