#15 Diversity & Inclusion: Promoting women in leadership positions is everyone's business with Dr. Anino Emuwa

Diversity & Inclusion | Leadership | 100Women @Davos | Women who impact | Representation | Women in Board Positions | Africa Women CEOs Network | Today’s episode is about diversity & inclusion in leadership. My guest is the amazing Dr. Anino Emuwa, a powerhouse, a founder, international public speaker, and advocate for gender-balanced business leadership. She was named one of the top 125 Diversity and Including experts to follow on LinkedIn & she has spoken at prestigious conferences and institutions including Forbes, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, France’s National Assembly, and TechPark Davos to name a few.An executive strategist, she works with high-achieving women CEOs and founders and she is a coach and mentor for several global organizations. She is the founder of several communities of women including 100 Women@Davos and the Africa Women CEOs Network.As the Managing Director of the strategy and financial advisory firm, Avandis Consulting in France contributes to UN SDG5 Target 5.5 on ensuring the equal participation of women in leadership. In our interview, we discuss the setup for diversity & inclusion in companies and how can we promote diversity in leadership. Representation is key for innovation, and the latest research papers show us that we still have a long way to go to represent diversity. Dr. Anino Emuwa sits down with us to go through the challenges of bringing more women to leadership, how to tackle diversity & inclusion in organizations, and what steps we can all take to get closer to the goal of having more inclusive leadership teams?Follow Dr. Anino Emuwa on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-anino-emuwa/ Follow Dr. Anino Emuwa on Clubhouse @anino Learn more about Avandis Consulting: https://avandisconsulting.com/ Episode Timeline: 02:30 What does diversity and inclusion mean? 04:25 How do you see the field of D&I evolving?08:40 What do you think about pushing for quotas when there could be more competent people? 12:00 Who should be responsible for moving the needle in the direction of change? 15:00 How can we bring together parties who think D&I is a buzzword and it will die out? What is your stance on this?17:12 What is your role at 100 Women@Davos? 19:56 How does your day-to-day look like? 23:23 How do you measure the success of your endeavors? How can we measure D&I impact?25:50 How should you tackle your promotion in management in real life?29:50 How does one enter the D&I space? If you are passionate about the subject, how can you get started in impacting the world by following such a mission?31:50 What are some lessons you learned along the way about career development?34:50 What are the challenges of building your own consulting practice? 36:30 What pieces of advice do you follow in your entrepreneurial journey? 38:30 What are some pieces of advice that want to follow your career path?41:00 How is the story of joining the D&I space? 42:40 What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your career? 

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