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Live Q&A Session #9: Wellbeing at work with Lisette de Jonge, Global Health & Wellbeing Leader at IKEA.

av Femme Lead | Publicerades 3/6/2021

A live session with Lisette de Jonge, Global health & wellbeing leader at IKEA on the importance of well-being in practice at work, what to pay attention to deciding to implement a well-being strategy, and advice for the listeners who want to add well-being as part of their lives. This live session was live-streamed via the Femme Lead Podcast Facebook page. You can follow Lisette de Jonge on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisettedejonge/ Episode Timeline: 01:30 Start with a reminder of what is defined as wellbeing?03:00 Insights into the role of wellbeing in an organizational setup.04:10 Building a career in wellbeing: where to start.06:20 Key decision to becoming a well-being leader08:10 How do you measure data in relation to wellbeing?10:10 Do you think wellbeing managers are ready to hire well-being managers for their employees? Or start wellbeing programs for them?10:50 What are the different dimensions of wellbeing at work?12:20 How do you integrate wellbeing into your personal life?17:05 Realizations about the well-being and parenthood. How to tackle wellbeing with children. 18:35 How can employees start raising their voices about wellbeing at work?20:00 What are some findings of developing a wellbeing strategy that you consider we should be aware of?21:50 Advice for those who want to follow Lisette’s path.24:50 Looking back is there anything you would have done differently?27:25 Creating a network of wellbeing leaders. 

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