Special Episode [in Romanian]: The mission of empowering girls with Andreea Potra, President of Girl Up Romania.

In this episode, we converse with Andreea Potra, President of Girl Up Romania, an organization that aims to help young women & girls by sharing content in a way that adolescents can understand their human rights. We discuss the mission of empowering young women and girls, what can civil society do to support their mission and how can each individual contribute to a more equal world where women & girls are protected and empowered. Girl Up Romania is a branch of Girl Up International, a youth organization founded by the United Nations: https://girlup.org/ Girl Up Romania published a book called "Oriunde, Oricand, Oricui." (Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone) meant to shed light on sexual harassment issues in Romania & share testimonials of survivals of sexual harassment to discuss this crucially important topic in the Romanian Parliament. You can order the book below (in Romanian) via Curtea Veche Publishing: https://www.curteaveche.ro/p/oriunde-oricand-oricui-girl-up-romaniaYou can support Girl Up Romania on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/girlupromaniaYou can Follow Girl Up Romania on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girlup.romania/?hl=en 

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