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Special Episode: Navigating a career path in tech. Lessons from role models. Alexandra Ciobotaru in conversation with Noa Segre.

av Femme Lead | Publicerades 3/14/2021

In this special episode Alexandra Ciobotaru, the host of Femme Lead joins Noa Segre, Senior Strategist at Talent Garden to converse about navigating the career path in tech and lessons from female role models. This event was live-streamed on the 8th of March 2021, on International Women’s Day.Noa Segre is a Corporate Transformation Senior Strategist at Talent Garden, who shared insights from her experience in technology and innovation from startups and over 10 years of experience in one of Israel’s leading Venture Capital funds.Episode Timeline:07:15 Determine your North Star.16:12 Your worth is not attached to a job. 19:03 Set your own pace. It is never too late or too early. 21:50 Don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 10. 24:30 Choose your battles.27:02 Take responsibility for your life.32:45 Fire Chat: Noa Segre in conversation with Alexandra CiobotaruSee the full session on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/Mcl8ttw2kMAFind out more about Talent Garden here: https://talentgarden.org/en/

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Who are your role models in your professional life? Join Alexandra Ciobotaru as she interviews leaders from communities around the world and finds inspiring individuals whose career paths will inspire the next generation of leaders. Femme Lead is an initiative created to showcase female role models and start a discussion about navigating the professional path and share advice on lessons learned along the way. Each interview's tone is friendly, warm-hearted, and focuses on key points that give listeners a structure to follow and clear takeaways. Each episode focuses on a different field of work and follows three chapters: upbring & education, career path, and advice.