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Michael Keeler: Conscious Business & The Magic in Feedback

av Fiercely Human | Publicerades 7/22/2020

Michael Keeler is a highly effective facilitator, and entrepreneur with two decades of experience in customer-centric businesses. He is driven to share his passion and knowledge with other business owners to help them make the greatest positive impact on the world and build the life they have always envisioned. Michael’s unique approach combines his hands-on experience as a business founder and CEO with expert coaching and consulting skills to help entrepreneurs reach their goals faster and with less stress. Michael and his “non-sexual life partner” Mark Fisher, co-founded Mark Fisher Fitness, recognized as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in America and picked as one of the top 20 favorite gyms in America by “Men’s Health. With a reputation as the Broadway community’s fitness home of choice, MFF has been featured in Forbes, the New York Times, the New York Post and Huffington Post, making waves in the fitness industry for industry-leading results and unique approach to culture.  In 2016, they started Business for Unicorns,  consulting with companies like Sony, and fitness studios across the US and the UK. Beth Clayton (your host) is a soul-based life coach who loves to help open-hearted people break free from their own self-sabotage, outdated thought patterns, and past pain so they can deepen their relationship with their own soul’s intuition, speak their truth courageously and fulfill their most authentic desires. She knows that creating in our external world is all about going deeper into our internal world and finding our own liberation. She is the creator of multiple group programs, retreats, and transformational workshops, leading hundreds of truth-seekers toward finding freedom and ease in their relationship with themselves, empowerment in their lives and the ability to take powerful and consistent action toward their dreams.   In this episode, we dive into: The myth of “backsliding from success” The importance of detached engagement (their problems are not your problems) when serving Separating who you are from what you do Relationship with feedback--approaching feedback with curiosity instead of “story” Honoring your shadows vs projecting shadows Shame triggers associated with feedback Building failure resilience The benefits found in peer coaching Conscious Leadership The crucial step with understanding our values Why business is incredibly personal--business and personal should not be separate People before profit Why values serve as the guardrails in difficult situations Why the clearest way to understand your boundaries is understanding where your resentment lies.    Resources Mentioned: Mark Fisher Fitness Business for Unicorns Landmark Forum   You can find Michael at: @businessforunicorns at IG @Mffclubhouse on IG Business for Unicorns Podcast Mark Fisher Fitness Business for Unicorns   You can find Beth at: @bethclaytoncoach on Instagram Grab your free e-book, “The Secrets in Your Sabotage” at Beth’s TedX RIGHT HERE.

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Are you yearning to break free from the cycles you find yourself in--with your mindset, relationship with food, your body, purpose, impact, career, personal relationship or to the relationship to life itself? To step out of the mind chatter and into a deeper sense of self-trust, presence, joy, and fulfillment? Fiercely Human may be perfect for you, as it designed for humans curious about what it means to be here, at this particular time and space, with our incredible gifts and serious limitations, who are yearning to truly grow and fulfill their potential (not just with achievements, those are great) but with deep internal meaning and alignment with the most powerful resources we have available to and presence. We will be finding renewed strength, inspiration and perspectives in the stories of fierce humans, world shakers and experts as we examine what it means to feel powerful on a mind, body and soul level--in all the areas of our lives. Also, as a TEDx speaker, seasoned soul-based life & health coach, emotional eating expert, self-sabotage slayer, story-teller and a human who struggles too, you can expect real, raw, vulnerable confessions of what it means to THIS human to try, fail, and to ultimately start to rise. You will leave feeling uplifted, awake, inspired and will some serious soul in your step. You can check me out at or @bethclaytoncoach on Instagram!