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153. "Vinyl Sperm Bank" - Filip & Fredriks podcast

Avsnittet publicerades: 4/25/2017

The Chinese Public Diplomacy Think Tank is buying and Filip and Fredrik are for sale! This week’s episode all starts with a cough. An ominous sign when in happens in movies. But what does this say about Filip? As interns, young Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson remember old porno magazines in the bathroom, and naked pin-up calendars in the break room in the garage shops of Sweden in 1986. Where is the only respectable place to view a porno mag? Filip reveals all! Plus, Filip and Fredrik recall their first trip in New York City and the sadness of the Times Square porno booths. It’s a rough world and everything can be bought for the right price… including the dynamic duo’s first feature film! Tune in as Filip gives the history of his hometown of Koping, Sweden a Chinese rewrite.

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Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced bilingual glance at the wonders of our time. Tuesdays in English and Thursdays in Swedish!