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160. Fixing A Hole - Filip & Fredriks podcast

Avsnittet publicerades: 5/23/2017

All Rejoice! They’re back. Filip and Fredrik return once again after being in movie hell. Things are looking up as the dynamic duo’s first feature film officially starts shooting in a week. But that won’t calm their nerves. After hearing how Johnny Depp forced a change in the script in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Filip and Fredrik won’t be relaxed until their film is on the big screen. Also, upon learning that Paul McCartney will have a cameo in the new “Pirates” movie, along with Keith Richards, Fredrik feel the new Disney film is where old rockers come to die. Filip and Fredrik think Sir Paul’s acting choice is a bit safe. What if there was a bolder idea? What if the Beatle great decided on making his first porn called, “Fixing A Hole?” Would anyone want to see it? Would even the sleaziest distributors on earth refuse to put it out? The Swedish greats answer these questions and more on an all new Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

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Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced bilingual glance at the wonders of our time. Tuesdays in English and Thursdays in Swedish!