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Filip & Fredriks podcast - 166. Suicidal Snake-People

Avsnittet publicerades: 6/13/2017

When it comes to discovering new paradigm shifts, Filip and Fredrik are Lewis and Clark. In this week’s all new episode the Swedish sleuths reveal a shift that will change the suicidal snake-people community forever! Fredrik learns of a jungle where the air is filled with the sounds of cursing LA parrots. Filip’s dark past is exposed as he recalls getting busted by the TV Radar Man while watching the Hand Ball World Cup Final. Paris Hilton loses her pet tiger, London. Fredrik admits he was once the “Tulip Stock Market Story Guy" at a party. While in his hotel room in Koping, Filip realizes something about aquariums he never knew before! Don’t miss this packed episode of The Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

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Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced bilingual glance at the wonders of our time. Tuesdays in English and Thursdays in Swedish!