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3.4 Mike Winton: Neon and the Art of Film Marketing

av Film Disruptors Podcast | Publicerades 10/3/2019

My guest today is Neon's VP of Marketing, MIke WInton. Neon of course is one of the hottest distribution companies around, known for their astute acquisitions and eye catching marketing. And they have caught the eye in recent years not just with their cool campaigns (which Mike masterminds). At a time when the challenges faced by independent distribution have been well documented, Neon have achieved notable box office success with titles like THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS, APOLLO 11. In this episode, Mike discusses Neon’s strategy and how distributors - and storytellers - can cut through in the wake of streaming and the increasingly polarised theatrical market This interview is part of the BAM Disruptors series recorded recently at the Bogotá Audiovisual Market (or BAM) which takes place there in July. BAM is the essential event for anyone serious about engaging with the Latin American market in film or tv and this episode would not have been possible without them. You can find out more about BAM at

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