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3.5 Adam Myhill: Realtime Filmmaking and the Future of Cinematography

av Film Disruptors Podcast | Publicerades 10/10/2019

Adam Myhill is Creative Director for Unity's Media & Entertainment Innovation Group. In this episode, Adam addresses how realtime technology is transforming the filmmaking process and some of huge opportunities - and challenges - that this brings about. A former photographer and DP, Adam explains how he has used this experience to build new virtual cinematography tools that give filmmakers significantly more control and creative options. We also discuss the future of film and media and Adam provides some powerful advice for emerging filmmakers. If you enjoyed this episode, do check out [Future of Film] Summit, London 26/11/19 Adam Myhill has spent two decades in film and video game worlds, working as a Director of Photography and CG supervisor at Electronic Arts and Blackbird Interactive. Using his experience on multiple titles and as a film DP on a number of feature-length movies, Myhill created a ground-breaking Emmy award-winning procedural cinematic and in-game camera system called Cinemachine, which is used in games and films. Adam also designed CineCast, a cinematography system for esports and any 3D content which begs the question “How do you film something when you don’t know what’s going to happen next?” He also holds a number of technology patents around virtual cameras and procedural cinematography.

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