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Sarah Smith: Creating a Global Animation Studio (Season 2.12)

av Film Disruptors Podcast | Publicerades 2/6/2019

Sarah Smith is CEO of Locksmith Animation which she launched with Julie Lockhart in 2014 with backing from Liz Murdoch. Described as the UK’s only high-end feature animation studio dedicated to making films for a global family audience, Locksmith recently signed a major multi-year output deal with 20th Century Fox. In this episode Sarah shares how she built the business, moving into this entrepreneurial space from her career as a multi-award winning director and writer. She also talks about her time as a senior executive at Aardman Studios - where she was not only instrumental in securing a game-changing Sony Pictures Deal but for who she also directed the family classic and box office smash Arthur Christmas. In a wide ranging conversation, we also cover #TimesUp in relation to animation, new tech innovation in the space as well as Sarah’s powerful and practical tips for navigating the Hollywood machine.

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