Nish Kumar (live @ BFI) • Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein #76

Av Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein

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LOOK OUT! It’s only Films To Be Buried With! Join your host Brett Goldstein as he talks life, death, love and the universe with the hilarious writer, comedian and presenter and TWICE DEAD guest on Films To Be Buried With, it’s Nish Kumar AND it’s recorded live at the BFI! Yes you read correct. This is Nish’s third time dying on the podcast, and so this is truly a man with nothing to lose. A man on the edge. In a world (etc etc etc) - so expect some good time Xmas shenanigans to follow as he Brett dig into the good stuff and come up with some hits of the decade, including misses too! You’ll have a wonderful time, almost as wonderful as if you made it to the BFI and attended in person! WE HOPE YOU ALL HAD WONDERFUL CHRISTMASES EVERYONE - huge love and thanks for a grand old year and please, enjoy this gift from us all here at Films To Be Buried With! LINKS FOR THIS EPISODE: • NISH KUMAR on THE INTERNET! • • NISH on TWITTER! • • NISH's 'THE MASH REPORT'! • • BRETT GOLDSTEIN on TWITTER! • • BRETT GOLDSTEIN on INSTAGRAM! • • BRETT GOLDSTEIN on PATREON! • • FTBBW PODCAST MERCHANDISE! • • 'SUPERBOB' - Brett's 2015 feature film! • • 'CORNERBOYS' with BRETT & SCROOBIUS PIP! • • DISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on FACEBOOK • • DISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on INSTAGRAM• For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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A weekly podcast hosted by Brett Goldstein, talking life and death via movies in detail with an extra special different guest each episode. Tragedy and comedy in delicious harmony for your listening enjoyment.