Susannah Fielding • Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein #67

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LOOK OUT! It’s only Films To Be Buried With! Join your host Brett Goldstein as he talks life, death, love and the universe with the glorious actor and all round treasure SUSANNAH FIELDING! …or if you’d rather, Susannah “Boss” Fielding (the origins of which we never really get to!) - she and Brett go back a ways, so it’s really nice to hear them together in the same place getting to the bottom of this whole life and film thing… So prepare to be taken on a really fun journey incorporating everything Susannah, from her early acting career, to her stint in LA being on ‘The Great Outdoors’, to living in panic, to her recent position as Alan Partridge’s co-host on ‘This Time With Alan Partridge’ - and all that entailed from audition onwards, how she is not a fan of quests or sci-fi, being afraid of loneliness and the phantom sibling position, defeating darkness, not being good with horror or for that matter, swimming, and a nice phone interlude which you’ll surely enjoy. Loads going on, a giddy fun one so dig it! EPISODE LINKS: • SUSANNAH on TWITTER! • • SUSANNAH on IMDB! • • THIS TIME WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE! • • THE GREAT INDOORS! • • STICKS AND STONES! • • BRETT GOLDSTEIN on TWITTER! • • BRETT GOLDSTEIN on INSTAGRAM! • • BRETT GOLDSTEIN on PATREON! • • FTBBW PODCAST MERCHANDISE! • • 'SUPERBOB' - Brett's 2015 feature film! • • 'CORNERBOYS' with BRETT & SCROOBIUS PIP! • • DISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on FACEBOOK • • DISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on INSTAGRAM• For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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A weekly podcast hosted by Brett Goldstein, talking life and death via movies in detail with an extra special different guest each episode. Tragedy and comedy in delicious harmony for your listening enjoyment.