#843: Titane / An Angel at My Table (Campion #2)

Director Julia Ducournau wants to shake her audience to the core. And she more or less accomplished that feat - for Josh, anyway - with her 2016 debut "Raw." Her latest, TITANE, falls into several genre categories—body horror, revenge picture, deeply black comedy—none of which quite prepare you for the experience of watching it. While Ducournau proves herself a filmmaker of great talent, Adam and Josh debate whether the 2021 Palme d'Or winner has much to offer beyond its many unexpected and provocative twists. They take their review into overtime with some Spoiler Talk about some of the movie's more ambiguous moments. Also on the show, the new Deeply Flawed Filmspotting Poll, and the second film in their Jane Campion Oeuvre-view, 1990's AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE. 0:00 - Billboard 1:25 - Review: "Titane" 32:56 - "Titane" Spoiler Talk Duncan Gray, Opening Credits ("An Angel at My Table") 45:37 - Next Week / Notes 54:24 - Polls 1:04:46 - Jane Campion #2: "An Angel at My Table" 1:30:18 - Outro  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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