#845: No Time To Die / Lamb / The Portrait of a Lady (Campion #4)

In five films over 15 years, Daniel Craig has established himself as the pre-eminent Bond. But will he also prove to be the final 007? The 60-year-old franchise has its work cut out for it, finding someone to fill Craig's shoes and bringing the iconic, if archaic, character firmly into the 21st century. Adam and Josh agree that the new NO TIME TO DIE does right by Craig—but does that make it a good Bond film? They take their review into spoiler territory to unravel their feelings about the conclusion of the Craig era. Plus, the fourth film in the Jane Campion Oeuvre-view, 1996's THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY, Campion's inventive and emotionally volatile adaptation of the Henry James novel. Plus Josh recommends the new Nordic horror film LAMB. 0:00 - Billboard 1:14 - Review: "No Time To Die" 32:56 - "No Time" Spoiler Talk Wojciech Kilar, "Pearl in the Crown" 39:32 - Josh recommends: "Lamb" 43:29 - Next Week / Notes 56:32 - Polls 1:04:40 - Jane Campion #4: "The Portrait of a Lady" 1:35:00 - Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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