Isabel Rimanoczy: A Mindset for a Better World (Part 2)

Isabel Rimanoczy, EdD, Convener of LEAP! and the UN PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, introduces her work on the Sustainability Mindset and its relevance for solving the sustainability crisis. Part two is about the importance of bringing a sustainability mindset to the corporate decision making: Why should corporations bother? How can they create a mindset change? And what is in it for leadership and owners? Isabel addresses issues such as expectations of the new generation of leaders she is teaching and changing societal pressures. Be prepared for two insightful and inspiring episodes of our Finance for Future podcast.

Om Podcasten

How can the finance industry transform itself? And contribute to the greater wellbeing – of humanity and the planet? The Finance for Future podcast is exploring the challenges of the finance industry. The focus is on outer change and transformation, on science, technology and measurements, taxonomies and instruments, new market players and external pressures. Much is in motion there already. In this podcast we are also exploring the inner dimension of transformation – the human dimension. How does it work? How can we change our mindset, our relationship to ourselves and others and our ac