Money and Sustainability - The Tao of Finance

In this episode we talk with Prof. Stefan Brunnhuber, chief physician and economist, member of the Austrian chapter of the Club of Rome, author of "The Tao of Finance" and co-author of "Money and Sustainability". The discussion shows exciting and new perspectives on money and the financial system, why money is not neutral, why our financial and monetary incentive structures are biased towards non-sustainability and what we can do to overcome the harmful mono culture of our present monetary system. And why mindfulness supports the necessary mindset shift.

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How can the finance industry transform itself? And contribute to the greater wellbeing – of humanity and the planet? The Finance for Future podcast is exploring the challenges of the finance industry. The focus is on outer change and transformation, on science, technology and measurements, taxonomies and instruments, new market players and external pressures. Much is in motion there already. In this podcast we are also exploring the inner dimension of transformation – the human dimension. How does it work? How can we change our mindset, our relationship to ourselves and others and our ac