The futurist: Finance 2030

Jan Berger is CEO of 2b ahead, Europe’s largest independent futurology institute. In 2019 he gathered a diverse team of specialists to look ahead: What will the finance industry look like in 2030? Will we still have bank accounts? What forces are already at work re-shaping the whole idea of finance? How will AI and robots, fin-techs and the platform economy affect established players? And is there space for sustainability and limiting climate change? Be prepared for a brief look through the eyes and into the mind of a futurist exploring how the finance industry will look like in 2030.

Om Podcasten

How can the finance industry transform itself? And contribute to the greater wellbeing – of humanity and the planet? The Finance for Future podcast is exploring the challenges of the finance industry. The focus is on outer change and transformation, on science, technology and measurements, taxonomies and instruments, new market players and external pressures. Much is in motion there already. In this podcast we are also exploring the inner dimension of transformation – the human dimension. How does it work? How can we change our mindset, our relationship to ourselves and others and our ac