Finance Scams Episode 1 - Welcome to the Scam

First episode of Finance Scams. Obviously your new favorite podcast detailing the world of cryptocurrency. Join Payton & Neil as we run the gamut from the happenings of Bitcoin on the high end, to the latest DXSale ponzi scheme released on BSC at the very low end. For this episode we had a special guest interview from Discord charts guy - Sachiel. We also had some discussions on awesome topics like the world of Fantom (38:00-47:47), the latest blockchain people are crowding on to develop DAPPs.  Podcasters Note: There were mic issues with Payton's mic on this episode. Subsequent episodes sound much clearer and are probably better listens for your first experience with podcast. 

Om Podcasten

A dive into the world of cryptocurrency through the lovely banal minds of two crypto bros struggling to make sense of it all. Insert silly financial advice disclaimer here.