Finance Scams Episode 2 - Interview with Safegorilla Dev - Smasjer.

Today's podcast features our first interview with a token developer - Smasjer of Safegorilla. We talk to him about this BSC charity token that's already out there helping save gorillas in need. Our interview goes rather in depth into why he choose to develop this token, his future plans for the entire Safegorilla project which are quite massive, and a bit of  history on Smasjer's experience with crypto. Aside from that we also do the usual daily roundup on High MCAP coins, Low MCAP coins, and the noob question of the day. Sections are as below: Intro: 0-1:45 Interview: 1:45-21:15. High MCAP: 21:15-34:15 (Elon/Vitalik shenanigans, MATIC, Polkadot) Low MCAP: 34:15-47:55 (Fantom low mcap coins - CZTears/Fantom Shiba, BSC Dog Tokens, ASS,, yield farms, Safemani) Noob Question: 47:55-51:11 - "When will your DOGE recover?" (Note I was already horribly disproven with my statement with the Coinbase news today) Final Thoughts: 51:11-END. Safegorilla information: Website: BUY: Twitter: Telegram:

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