Finance Scams Episode 5 - Interview with Sunburn of Presale.Money

Hey Everyone, It's your hosts from the Finance Scams podcast - Neil & Phil. We're here to drop an interview today with Sunburn of Presale.Money fame. This is the first native IDO for the FTM network and we were really happy to get in depth and talk to Sunburn all about it. Without further ado, here's some notes on the interview sections: 0:00-1:24 - Introduction 1:24-22:55 - Interview with Sunburn 22:55-30:26 - High MCAP world 30:26-37:22 - Low MCAP world 37:23-39:26 - Noob Question - What's the difference between the bears and the bulls? 39:27-End - Closing - Talk about Kotaku, video cards, but not fish & chips. 

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