Finding Fearless with marie claire

Drew Barrymore: on reinventing herself

av Finding Fearless with marie claire | Publicerades 7/18/2019

Hollywood legend Drew Barrymore is the epitome of fearless: from cute child star to troubled teenage rebel, to Hollywood A-lister and now mega-successful business woman, she knows a thing or two about reinvention, facing her fears and living life big. Recently in Australia to launch her hot beauty brand, Flower Beauty, she was also special guest at an exclusive live event hosted by marie claire editor, Nicky Briger. She gave such an amazing tour de force performance that it needed to be shared. Enjoy. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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Everybody has a moment in their lives where they have had to dig deep to overcome the odds. A moment where they have had to face their fears head-on. In our new series, Finding Fearless, we talk to awesome women who have lived these moments, faced adversity and in the process found their true purpose. Hosted by marie claire editor Nicky Briger and her team, their stories will hopefully inspire you to `find your fearless’ and live a bigger, richer life.