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Georgie Dent: On worrying herself into a psych ward

av Finding Fearless with marie claire | Publicerades 10/3/2019

Georgie Dent is a name familiar to the readers of marie claire – as a journalist and editor she has written passionately for our mag and website on many topics usually around gender equality and women’s rights. But she saved her biggest story for her new book which tells the riveting story of how her picture perfect life – a dream job at a prestigious Sydney law firm, the perfect relationship, a family that loved and supported her - completely unravelled at the age of 25 and left her broken, unemployed, and back living with her parents. Suffering from crippling anxiety and chronic health problems the only way up was to book herself into a psychiatric hospital.  For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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Everybody has a moment in their lives where they have had to dig deep to overcome the odds. A moment where they have had to face their fears head-on. In our new series, Finding Fearless, we talk to awesome women who have lived these moments, faced adversity and in the process found their true purpose. Hosted by marie claire editor Nicky Briger and her team, their stories will hopefully inspire you to `find your fearless’ and live a bigger, richer life.