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Lucy Zelić is taking on her trolls

av Finding Fearless with marie claire | Publicerades 3/19/2020

During her coverage of the 2018 World Cup, SBS sport presenter Lucy Zelić faced intense online abuse from trolls, directed at her pronunciation of players’ names. At the time, Lucy tried to ignore her abusers, but since the birth of her daughter Mila, she realised she needed to take a stand against the trolls who sent her threats. Now, she’s hitting back with a passionate plea for accountability with #BeAccountable. The hashtag is designed to call out untoward behaviour and start a national conversation about the way we behave online. For too long we have been trying to shroud the trolls in darkness. It’s time to bring the human beings to light. You can read more about Lucy's new movement here: For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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