Inspiring Through Representation in Film — An Interview with Major Dodson

Today on the show we are very happy to welcome young actor Major Dodson, to chat with us about his recent role in the feature film, Tyson's Run. As someone on the spectrum, the task of playing an autistic teenager in a film was a meaningful one to Major, and we get to hear all about how he prepared for the role, why he wanted to take this opportunity, and the lessons he learned while on set. The film focuses on a boy who has to overcome some serious challenges within his family, and Major is kind enough to share some of the points of relatability that were present in the role. He also underlines how seriously he took the job of representation in film. The conversation covers Major's young career, the point when he became interested in working in the movie industry, and the first experiences he had of acting on stage. So, to hear another wonderful story about a path that is bound to equal amounts of similarities and contrasts to many others out there, listen in with us today on the Finding Mikey Podcast! Key Points From This Episode: Major's experiences auditioning for Tyson's Run, and the preparation that went into playing the role. Points of reference and identification that Major felt with his character in the movie. The hopes that Major has for what viewers will take away from the film. The role’s physical demands and the huge amount of running that Major had to do! Major's experiences in Atlanta and why he found the city so exciting. Why Major stopped running after filming was done! The parallels that Major noticed between his own life and Tyson's family. The route that Major took into the film industry and the important stepping stone of working in theatre. Major's first acting role in a stage production of A Christmas Carol. Thoughts on the best rollercoasters, and the theme parks that Major still wants to visit. The importance of realistic portrayals of autism in popular media. Tweetables: “It was a lot of preparation because I had never played a character, who has to realistically be on the spectrum, has to have autism.” — @Major_Dodson [0:02:45] “Movies like this, that are positive and family-oriented, have something for anybody, and I hope people take away a message of inspiration, of hope, of getting up and doing something that they want to do.” — @Major_Dodson [0:08:12] “You can't always just tell if someone has autism.” — @Major_Dodson [0:16:24] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Major Dodson on Instagram Major Dodson on Twitter Tyson's Run Trailer Tyson's Run The Walking Dead Finding Mikey --- Send in a voice message:

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