The benefits of Montessori education for children with autism

According to the National Autistic Society, "There is increasing evidence that the Montessori approach is highly effective for children on the autism spectrum." The individualized learning plan and hands-on teaching methods help students with autism learn in ways that are tailored for them. Montessori schools also emphasize social skills and peer interaction, which can be beneficial for children with autism. In addition, the structure and routine of a Montessori classroom can provide a calming environment for children with autism. We are joined by Erin Banks to talk through this teaching method and explore how it can help your kiddo grow! What is Montessori learning and how can it help children on the autism spectrum? How does a Montessori classroom environment differ from a traditional classroom setting for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? What are some of the key benefits of Montessori learning for children with ASD, such as improved communication and social skills, increased focus and concentration, and better self-esteem? Are there any drawbacks to using a Montessori approach for educating children with ASD? How can parents ensure that their child receives the best possible education through a Montessori program or in another setting that meets their individual needs?" Full Show notes can be found at: Feel free to call us anytime at 469-249-0425 --- Send in a voice message:

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