Finding Refuge

17. Rendering the Impossible

av Finding Refuge | Publicerades 3/15/2021

Syd Yang (they/them) is a mixed race/Taiwanese American queer/non-binary healer, intuitive counselor and writer who weaves together magic, possibility and intention as an energy healer in the world through their practice, Blue Jaguar Healing Arts.

Om Podcasten

This podcast emerged from work based in the exploration of collective grief and liberation. It exists to remind us about all the ways we can find refuge during unsettling and uncertain times, and to remind us about the resilience and joy that comes from allowing ourselves to find refuge. Michelle C. Johnson, author, yoga teacher, healer, social worker, dismantling racism trainer, activist, and grief-worker, offers monthly interviews, engaging and amplifying the brilliance and wisdom of people who have found ways to honor their grief and stay centered amidst the turmoil in the world. It uplifts the brilliance and wisdom of people who are invested in creating conditions for liberation for the collective. We feature spiritual teachers, movement practitioners, activists and social change makers, and people who hold space in various ways for healing.