EP #164 - Breakup Survival Guide - How To Heal A Broken Heart

Surviving a break up and healing a broken heart can be one of the hardest challenges we face in life. When we have been lucky enough to love so deeply, we also have to sometimes face the risk of a painful breakup that can be really difficult to navigate. Join Grace & Abby for a heartfelt, comforting conversation to get the pep talk and support you or a close friend may need during a breakup period of their life.Topics covered:Heartbreak has the ability to completely floor you, understanding that all your emotions during a breakup are validThe neuroscience of breakups, what is happening in our brain chemistry that makes breakups so difficult to navigateTips for healing through each stage of the breakupProcessing the pain through journallingWhy you need to bless and block your ex ASAPWays to cut energetic ties with your ex partnerSome soft words to reframe the pain you feel in a breakup, a heart that has been broken is a heart that has been lovedTo start your own therapy journey, with 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, head to our sponsor  betterhelp.com/findingyourfeetKeep up with Abby on Tik Tok & InstagramKeep up with Grace on Tik Tok & InstagramKeep up with the Finding Your Feet community on InstagramCome have fun with us on Tik TokWatch this episode on youtube

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