EP #166 - Empowered Women Empower Women - How To Nurture Your Feminine Energy

In honour of International Women's Day, this episode is all about female empowerment! Grace & Abby are going to help you discover ways to nurture your beautiful feminine energy, build your confidence and feel empowered as a woman in this world.Topics covered:Ways to nurture your feminine energyTaking up space in the world as a woman and finding your confidenceFeeling empowered to use your voiceManaging feelings of jealousy and finding the great opportunity within the emotionNurturing healthy, supportive friendships with other womenTo start your own therapy journey, with 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, head to our sponsor  betterhelp.com/findingyourfeetKeep up with Abby on Tik Tok & InstagramKeep up with Grace on Tik Tok & InstagramKeep up with the Finding Your Feet community on InstagramFollow us on Tik TokWatch this episode on youtube

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