Confidence, Community, Connection & Conversation with Rara Plumptre

Herman is joined by Rara Plumptre, a serial Ambassador for companies including UMBRA international, Finito, Forte Financial Group, Under One Sky, KidsOut and Brimoncourt Champagne among many others. Rara shares her extraordinary journey from dealing with grief to a new chapter in her life helping the homeless and supporting women going through divorce. Her love of people and deep compassion shines through in this revealing conversation. KEY TAKEAWAYSA few people are fortunate enough to find their path early enough in life to be focused their goals. Most people will discover theirs along the way and will find theirs through adversity or a life changing event.Aligning what you love with your career means that no matter where your journey may take you, that passion will never leave you and will occasionally remind you that it's still there. The word ‘Safe' is one of the most powerful words in our language. We all strive to feel safe whether it be physical or metaphorical. Having a mentor from an early age makes such an impact on your life and can set you off in directions you'll probably never recognise unDl much later on.  BEST MOMENTS “I'm lucky enough to say that I'm old enough that we could walk into jobs and not have to send your CV to a hundred people in the hope that you would get one”“I feel here new many words that one can say that I really connect to now is basically confidence, community, connection and conversation.” “I think when you have a shock of some sort, it pulls you up and you have to survive.”“You'll never have any money because you'll always give it away.”“As soon as you get something that's happened to you, it almost reflects on you too. You want to give it back immediately.”  ABOUT THE HOSTHerman is the visionary behind ECNM's mentoring vision and services with over 20 years of mentoring experience across the community, music, and the education sectors. Through his mentoring work, Herman has won multiple awards and he is passionate about making mentoring high quality and accessible for all young people.Herman leads on business strategy, the development of strategic partnerships and pioneering new mentoring initiatives and innovations. Besides leading ECNM, Herman is a father of three daughters, enjoys watching Formula One, loves cooking for his family and is even known to write a rap or two. CONTACT DETAILS ABOUT THE GUESTKnown as Rara since her brother couldn't say Alexandra, Rara has one of the most fascinating paths that in her own words consists of three stages. As an ambassador, she has a passion to help the homeless and women and children in crisis who don't feel safe in life/ through divorce or different circumstances. She has a deep alignment with fashion (It's in her jeans) and is also a singer/ songwriter. CONTACT DETAILS hQps:// Hermans LinkedIN: show was brought to you by Progressive Media Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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