Success and achieving your goals with IBM Vice President, Andrew Diaper

In this episode, Herman is joined by the Vice President of IBM Cloud, Andrew Diaper. Join an insightful discussion as Andrew shares his journey and how his idea of success has changed over time. Learn how to take control of your life, why it's important to reflect and change and how to allow your talent to flourish. KEY TAKEAWAYS  We are all talented in so many different areas, but sometimes we don't allow our talent to flourish because it's a skill outside of work. Society brainwashes us to believe we all have to earn more, be more successful and be recognised and you can often lose yourself. In reality, you need to take a step back and realise you're successful and that your idea of success can change over time. Most people probably never realised that they could be who they already were on the inside. You have to manifest what you desire in life. If you want to take yourself, your career and your personal development to the next level you have to be aspirations, tenacious, dedicated and committed with your whole self. You need to have that fire in your belly. In order to reflect and grow you need to take control and be accountable and understand when to own up to making a mistake and learn from it. Once you build up a network of people with skills in all areas and on different levels you need to keep the connection because you've done the hardwork. If you want to be happy, successful, driven and motivated, you need to embrace positively endurance. BEST MOMENTS “The hardest challenge I had was having the courage inside to make some really big changes.”“Growth is more about your team, It's more about helping others.”“I want to be challenged and I want to learn new skills, but that is difficult and many people don't want to seek out new challenges.”“Sometimes you need to recalibrate. step back and reevaluate what makes you happy.”“Learn to be a bit more humble and considered.”  ABOUT THE HOSTHerman is the visionary behind ECNM's mentoring vision and services with over 20 years of mentoring experience across the community, music, and the education sectors. Through his mentoring work, Herman has won multiple awards and he is passionate about making mentoring high quality and accessible for all young people. Herman leads on business strategy, the development of strategic partnerships and pioneering new mentoring initiatives and innovations. Besides leading ECNM, Herman is a father of three daughters, enjoys watching Formula One, loves cooking for his family and is even known to write a rap or two. CONTACT DETAILS ABOUT THE GUESTAndrew Diaper is the Vice President of IBM Cloud EMEA and leads the sales and business development strategy, focus and activity for IBM's Cloud growth and strategic engagements with the Financial Services and Regulated industries within EMEA region. CONTACT DETAILS         Hermans LinkedIN: show was brought to you by Progressive Media Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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