We Don't Need Permission with Eric Collins

Herman is joined by Eric D. Collins, prolific serial investor, CEO, author , TV presenter and tech expert. He has rubbed shoulders with the Obama’s having previously served on Barack Obama's Small Business Administration's Council on Underserved Communities. He  co-founded Impact X Capital, a venture capital fund designed to aid entrepreneurs across Europe particularly people from underrepresented communities, with a particular focus on people of colour and women. In 2021 he began presenting Channel 4’s reality show The Money Maker., in which he offers his expertise to struggling small businesses.KEY TAKEAWAYSEric would describe himself as a Southern American, which informs his personality on ideas of politeness and politics, a middle child and an introvert.Eric has been writing his latest book “We Don’t Need Permission”. The book is a manifesto to encourage black people to build businesses that make money to a large extent and then employ lots of other black people to then supplement financially all the other empowerment tools available.The effect of the Church and its long reaching remit and influence to improve the lives of its members and the greater community inspired Eric’s engagement with contribution and enrichment of the world around him. It fosters community engagement and the importance of collective action.Your life partner can make or break your ability to take risks, invest and work by supporting you in your decisions. If you have someone with who is excited about outward possibilities then your journey will be enhanced and enriched. BEST MOMENTS  “Thank you for that introduction it is always interesting to hear someone describe you. You can also say that I am a terrible but avid tennis player.” – Eric“What we need to do is we need to actually create businesses that are the scale of Google and Uber. That will then make the world a very different place because we’ll have so much more resources and more influence over the agenda of the world beyond ourselves.” – Eric“What has been the main thing that has really fuelled your passion to create justice, to make the playing field level?” – Herman“We actually believe that we have a lot of gifts and that we need to be doing something worthwhile with those gifts.” - Eric  ABOUT THE HOSTHerman is the visionary behind ECNM’s mentoring vision and services with over 20 years of mentoring experience across the community, music, and the education sectors. Through his mentoring work, Herman has won multiple awards and he is passionate about making mentoring high quality and accessible for all young people. Herman leads on business strategy, the development of strategic partnerships and pioneering new mentoring initiatives and innovations. Besides leading ECNM, Herman is a father of three daughters, enjoys watching Formula One, loves cooking for his family and is even known to write a rap or two. CONTACT DETAILShttps://www.everychildneedsamentor.com/about-us/ Hermans LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hermanstewart/This show was brought to you by Progressive Media Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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