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54 Shaun Williamson: King Of Quiz

Jenny and Lucy are back, with another dose of quizzing fun and joining them this week is actor, singer and quiz obsessive, Shaun Williamson! Shaun has literally written the book on quiz, as he tells our hosts all about 'A Matter of Facts: One Man's Journey into the Nation's Quiz Obsession' - an essential read for anyone with even a passing interest in quiz - or EastEnders for that matter!Shaun talks about his many TV quiz show experiences, the good, the bad and the ones which keep him up at night.We also get some fantastic quiz knowledge from listener Chris Dickson, whose tailor-made quiz brings back some harrowing memories for our Lucy! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Om Podcasten

Fingers on Buzzers is brought to you by comedian and keen amateur quizzer Lucy Porter, alongside The Chase's very own Jenny Ryan. Whether you’re a Pointless armchair aficionado, nostalgic for the days of Going for Gold, or a bona fide Mastermind, this is the podcast for you.  Jenny and Lucy speak to a host of people who work behind the scenes of our favourite TV quiz shows, including James Harkin (QI), Roger Tilling (the ‘Voice’ of University Challenge) and Jenny Hawker (Only Connect); plus we hear from epic winners and losers of quiz shows past and present, from Bullseye and Blockbusters to Britain's Brightest Family and everything in between.  Lucy and Jenny will also discuss the BIG issues including the etiquette of pub quizzing, new quizzing technology and how questions have changed with the times. All the BIG questions will be asked (and answered.) What IS the difference between quiz shows and game shows? With the help of experts and enthusiasts alike, Jenny and Lucy get to the bottom of that and much, much more besides. There's also plenty of opportunities to play-along, as week-by-week Jenny coaches plucky layperson Lucy on the ‘quiz syllabus’, and in-turn Lucy tests the mettle of general knowledge guru Jenny with a weekly pop-quiz.  Whether you're an Only Connect know-it-all, still dine-out on your Fifteen To One appearance from 1993, or only indulge in Trivial Pursuits on December 25th, this podcast is for you.  See for privacy and opt-out information.