Bonus episode 2: Denise Wall on being visible yet invisible in Finland

Is there such as thing as Schrödinger’s immigrant? FTTLG host Denise Wall discusses how she has felt simultaneously invisible yet highly visible as a Caribbean-background resident in Finland. In an extended chat with audio producer Travis Glossop, Wall frankly reveals her motivation for persevering with an unfunded podcast. She also expresses her sense of encouragement at seeing a broad cross section of ordinary Finns unite to push back against the institutionalisation of racism in government. Like, rate, share and subscribe to the podcast, and join the discussion on Facebook and Instagram.

Om Podcasten

“Finland: Through the looking glass” offers a frank and unfiltered look at Finland through the lens of its diverse foreign-background community, through one-on-one conversations with host, Denise Wall. It’s an opportunity for the community to share its own unique stories and experiences and to fearlessly weigh in on the social and political discourses shaping its reality in the adopted homeland. The show covers a range of themes such as entrepreneurship, ageing, belonging, study, unemployment and the job search and family reunification, to name a few.