Bonus Episode: Travis Glossop on the trials of starting over in Finland

How do you find your way after seemingly going from the frying pan into the fire? When radio and podcast professional Travis Glossop left Britain for a new start in Finland, he thought he had escaped the problems that led to the UK’s pivotal vote to leave the EU. He arrived in Helsinki to find a nation riven by controversy and uncertainty as a new right-wing government pushed contentious policies. Listen to Travis’ story in this bonus episode of FTTLG.  Like, rate, share and subscribe to the podcast, and join the discussion on Facebook and Instagram.

Om Podcasten

“Finland: Through the looking glass” offers a frank and unfiltered look at Finland through the lens of its diverse foreign-background community, through one-on-one conversations with host, Denise Wall. It’s an opportunity for the community to share its own unique stories and experiences and to fearlessly weigh in on the social and political discourses shaping its reality in the adopted homeland. The show covers a range of themes such as entrepreneurship, ageing, belonging, study, unemployment and the job search and family reunification, to name a few.