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What the Fintech? Episode 12 | Transformers: more than meets the AI

av FinTech Futures | Publicerades 8/24/2020

The latest episode of the What the Fintech? podcast is brought to you remotely, featuring Matt Sattler, head of HSBC’s innovation labs. On this episode, we examine the levels of M&A activity in the fintech space this year and dissect the financial losses of Revolut, Starling Bank and Monzo. Sattler reveals what it takes to land a commercial contract with the bank and offers his insight on how “data explainability” can help tackle bias in artificial intelligence. Tune in to find out his eyebrow raising banished buzzword in another exciting rendition of ‘Fintech Jail’! Subscribe to the FinTech Futures newsletter: What the Fintech is brought to you by the team behind and the Banking Technology Magazine.

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