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What the Fintech? | S.2 Episode 8 | Branching out: Bank branches amid COVID-19

av FinTech Futures | Publicerades 4/7/2021

Leena Iyar, chief branding officer at Moxtra, joins us on this latest episode of the What the Fintech? podcast. We talk about Freetrade’s £50 million Series B fundraise and how 65% of UK financial institutions missed the UK Treasury’s gender representation targets. We also try and unpack the workplace harassment allegations against Goldman Sachs following the leaked survey by 13 first year analysts in its investment bank division. Iyar provides her insight on Moxtra’s award-winning Digital Branch Solution technology and its plans for the future. Tune in to find out her banished buzzword in another exciting rendition of “Fintech Jail”! Subscribe to the FinTech Futures newsletter: What the Fintech is brought to you by the team behind and the Banking Technology Magazine.

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