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Episode #100 - My Conversation with Chef Tina Cannon, Winner of the American Barbecue Showdown on Netfilx

Check out my conversation with chef Tina Cannon of Tina Cannon Cooks! She is the winner of the 2020 Netflix show "American Barbecue Showdown" but she is a classically trained chef and has been competing in cooking contests for many years! Find out how she got started cooking and what drives her to continue to learn and grow. Find Tina at her website Here - or her Facebook page Here - if you love Fresh Organic spices, you MUST try FreshJax Organic Seasonings and spices! All of their products are superior quality, organic, non-gmo, no added colors, anti caking, or other additives! They have the BEST blends and individual spices I have ever tried! They have many different packages for you to try and you can Find them HERE and get 15% off!​Check out the new Inkbird IHT-1S Top of the Line Instant Read Thermometer! Fully waterproof, rechargeable, 2-3 second reaction time, auto-on/off, and much more! Top of the line features at half the price! Find it on Amazon HERE - Your Personalized Full Color Paperback or Hard Cover Copy of the Fire & Water Cooking Cookbook direct from my website here - 

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