First Flight #22: "Detained"

The Tandarans hold Archer and Mayweather captive in a Suliban detention facility. Abby Sommer and Melanie discuss "Detained", the 20th episode of the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. - Welcome & Reed Alert (spoiler warning) - Captain's Log (episode recap) - Subspace Amplifiers (analysis of episode) - Porthos& Pick (our favorite parts) - Trivia - Vulcans& Verdict (rating of the episode on a scale of 1-10 grapplers) - Daniels: Listeners& Picks/Feedback Feel free to let us know your Porthos& Picks and Grappler Rankings, and/or your general thoughts on this episode! (Please note, contributions might be shared on the podcast!) Find us on Twitter: @FirstFlightPod Abby: @abbymsommer Melanie: @ShuttlepodTwo Find us on Instagram and Facebook: @firstflightpod

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"First Flight" is a Star Trek: Enterprise rewatch podcast designed to take you through a look back at Star Trek's fifth live-action series that aired from 2001 to 2005. The podcast is your home for revisiting Captain Archer and his crew on board the legendary NX-01 as co-hosts Abby Sommer and Melanie discuss each episode of Enterprise in airdate order. This show will be released twice per month. Each "First Flight" podcast will include production notes, a brief recap, and discussion and analysis of each episode. Abby and Melanie will also highlight their favorite part of each episode (with their "Porthos Pick"), share some trivia about the episode, and rate each episode on a scale of 1-10 "grapplers" (Vulcan's Verdict.) They will also highlight some picks/thoughts submitted by their podcast listeners. They welcome you to follow along with your own series rewatch, and submit your Porthos' Picks, Grappler Ratings, and/or general thoughts on the episode. (Please note, contributions may be shared on the podcast!) Contact Information On Twitter: The podcast and Melanie: @FirstFlightPod Abby: @abbymsommer On Instagram and Facebook @firstflightpod First Flight Cover Art Design and Technical Consultant: Brian Huddleston