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Everything you ever wondered about kids' TV from a CBeebies presenter

av First Time Dads | Publicerades 7/17/2019

Ever worried about what your kid is watching on TV? Ever felt anxious about what harm you might be doing to your little one by letting them stare at the telly for any length of time? You are not alone. That's why we thought we'd talk to the people actually making the shows your child watches, to find out what they do to make sure they are not warping little minds. Nigel Clarke is a CBeebies presenter who has been working as a children’s TV presenter for more than 15 years - and he now hosts The Baby Club, a show for REALLY little ones on the channel. Nigel very kindly joined Steve and Rich for a First Time Dads grilling. Suffice to say, he had some very interesting revelations for the guys… For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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