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Potty Training: The trick to making the impossible possible

av First Time Dads | Publicerades 7/10/2019

Potty training is a massive step for any kid - and for a stressed out dad, it can often feel like a step too far.The good news is that, if you do it in the right way, getting your kid out of nappies doesn't have to be quite as hectic as you might think. Steve (who has done it) and Rich (who is about to) asked Amanda Jenner, the UK's leading potty training expert, to explain the easiest way to potty train a child.And Amanda - who regularly goes on TV to talk about all things wees and poos and has a new book 'Potty Training Magic' out now - was not short of tips… For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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Two first time dads - Daily Mirror journalists Richard Innes and Steve Myall - discuss the joys, challenges and general lunacy of raising your first child and supporting a first-time mum… and ask some famous faces and qualified experts for advice along the way. Nominated in Best Podcast category at 2018 Online Media Awards.