In Episode 25 Ric Jorge and I talk to Jeremy Sanders about a difficult season of life he endured and how he found strength in his weakness. Jeremy shares how his faith helped him continue to move forward and how the adversity he faced refined him into the man God needed him to be. For only $5 a month, the cost of a cup of coffee, you will receive a workout of the day, daily inspiration, and much more! Head over to to surround yourself with a community of li...

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Podcast Intro 'The Firefighters Call' by Ger Devine www. gerarddevinepoetry.comWe are a community built on the foundation of Faith, Family, and Fire.We believe in hard work, discipline, and sacrifice, inspiring us to train our minds and bodies daily. It is an honor to serve our communities, leading us to pursue our craft in a way that honors the oath and all those who came before us. We are fighting the celebration of mediocrity one act at a time.Join the Community at and start getting your workout of the day today!