Surrogacy: An Introduction FLiP 10

In this episode of the FLiP podcast we discuss the topic of surrogacy covering a wide range of matters from the existing surrogacy laws in England (as at October 2021) to the aspects of reform we would like to see to make the process an easier option for anyone embarking on their surrogacy journey. FLiP Associate Kara Swift leads the discussion with family law barrister Andrew Powell of 4 Paper Buildings. Kara Swift of Family Law in Partnership advises on all aspects of private family law, supporting a wide range of clients following separation to resolve matters relating to children and financial matters with diligence and care. Kara was named Family Law Young Solicitor of the Year 2019 in the prestigious LexisNexis Family Law Awards. The award recognises a solicitor with under 5 years post qualification experience who has made an outstanding contribution in family law. Andrew Powell is widely recognised for his expertise in cases concerning children. He is proficient in child abduction cases and has particular expertise in surrogacy issues. As well as surrogacy law, his practice focuses on parental disputes about arrangements for children after separation, international children law, and applications to relocate children to another country. For further information: Kara Swift: Andrew Powell: FLiP’s Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:  

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Family Law in Partnership is a specialist family law firm who take a unique approach to family law. FLiP balances their exceptional legal expertise with care and compassion, delivering intelligent and creative solutions while carefully managing any emotional impact. Whether you are going through a divorce or making financial arrangements before or after you marry, FLiP will guide you through every turn with expertise and reassurance, always in partnership. FLiP offer unrivalled expertise across all process options, whether that involves going to court, mediation or arbitration, for example, selecting the best process for your particular case, providing first rate legal guidance and clarity around your options. Divorce and separation, whether children are involved or not, can be a distressing and difficult time. FLiP are always looking for better ways to help their clients through the process so they have developed a hub of emotional and practical support to enhance the wellbeing of their clients. And the latest addition to this wellbeing hub is the introduction of this podcast series.